Saturday, December 11, 2010

Just Living

Earlier this week I was invited to do a "workshop" for an arts group meeting in a small town about half an hour out of Madison. Racing there after work I was regretting my agreeing to do it because I was in the middle of designing a website at work that was having problems. I was quite distracted and wished I could just stay focused on that problem.

I finally made it to this little town, by now dark outside, and instantly got caught up in the glow of all the Christmas lights. It was like entering a Dickens novel as it began to snow, quite picturesque. My mood began to soften.

Once I found the house, I was greeted by a lively woman who I later learned was 78. She had this small cottage-esque house that was like walking into a creative and cozy other-world. Everything was beautiful in a very organic, country way. The wooden floors covered in rugs, the windows with various patterned fabrics, art everywhere, capturing my eye and imagination.

Only four of us women came, many in the group were sick on this blistery winter evening. But four fit perfectly around the dining room table and we shared a meal and conversation. Everything became so calm and comfortable for me and I realized something very meaningful was life. No tasks were being left undone, no problems were unsolvable, nothing and no-one was irretrievable. We talked about heavy things actually, everyone sharing their own stories. But it wasn't in this, "the world is going to end" kind of way but more in this "here are our lives" sort of way.

After dinner we got out the wax and griddle, I did an intro into painting with wax...and then we just played. All of the women were artists themselves, so it was a delightful play as we all discovered the wax. Me included.

As I drove home I realized it was one of the best evenings I've had in awhile. There is something quite beautiful about just living, just moving to the flow of things. I spend alot of time in my design job racing up to a deadline, pressing through a challenge, learning new technologies 30 seconds before I need to implement them only to race on to the next new thing.

This evening reminded me once again to breath. Let go, sit back and let things move as they will.